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44th and Superior Special Instructions for All Students This Intro to Handguns course teaches the basic knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for owning and using a handgun safely. In addition, this class has been designed as a small group setting with the instructor for students ages 16 and over. • Handgun Knowledge & safe handling • Ammunition knowledge • Fundamentals of handgun shooting • Actual Range Shooting • Eye & ear protection, guns & targets This class is designed for the people with little to no knowledge of handguns, or those who are years out of practice and want a good refresher course starting at the beginning. The class will begin in the classroom discussing the different types of handguns and how to handle them safely, ammunition, and the fundamentals of handgun shooting. The second portion of the class is spent on the range. The basics of stance, sight picture, and trigger control are emphasized to maximize success the first time out. After completing this class the goal is that participants will be prepared to safely use the range. Required Equipment: None. May bring your personal equipment if you have it(25 Rounds of Ammunition). Closed neck shirts and closed toe shoes are recommended. Prerequisites:None. Cost: $45

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11/02/2017 - 10:00 AM America/Chicago

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