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Win a Professional Wildlife Print! A $300 value!

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Become a member of the National Deer Alliance (it's free) and be entered for a chance to win a professional wildlife print from Kaleb White Photography, a $300 VALUE! Already a member? You can still enter to win! Just be sure to complete at least one of the other optional steps. The winner will choose an image from Kaleb White's extensive gallery, and Kaleb will produce a 36"x24" professional print on Metallic paper. Be sure to like the NDA and Kaleb White Photography on Facebook and Instagram, and share this contest with your friends, to earn extra entries. The mission of the National Deer Alliance (NDA) is to serve as the guardian of wild deer conservation, and our hunting heritage. Formally incorporated in May 2015, the NDA is driven to assemble and unite a diverse group of stakeholders that includes hunters, managers, and the hunting industry to help create positive outcomes for deer and deer hunting. If you want to be a part of the movement to ensure the future of deer and deer hunting, then sign up today for a no-cost membership and instantly become part of NDA’s outreach network. In addition to receiving the latest information from the deer world, you will also be notified when the opportunity to participate on issues that directly impact you arises. NDA will give you an informative edge so you can engage with and have a positive impact on the outcome of deer and deer hunting. ************************************************************************* Kaleb White is a professional photographer and stern advocate for the conservation of our nation's wildlife and vanishing frontier. He spends his time travelling the world, bringing to life the story of the hunt and the natural beauty of wild game, through his camera lens. If you’re looking to enhance your brand with someone who has high-standards, a passionate work ethic, and who’s moral compass will always point North, get in touch with Kaleb.

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