About Powderhook

Powderhook’s mission is ‘Access for All.’ That means access for new hunters, anglers and shooters; for parents and their children; for neighbors who haven’t been out in the field for years; and for you.

Powderhook works with the nation’s leading conservation organizations, retailers and manufacturers, bringing the industry together to solve some of its most important challenges.

Think of Powderhook like a localized message board, with a community of people looking to help each other out. With the Powderhook app you'll discover: - People near you willing to help you - Local Experts willing to help make your next trip easier and more fun - Free maps for public land in all 50 states, plus thousands of depth contours for lakes and rivers - Thousands of outdoor events curated just for you - Fun and interesting local content you can't get anywhere else

As with any new product, you may find a few bugs here and there. While we’re working hard to eliminate them, we would very much appreciate your feedback or input. Click here to get in touch.